Building Governing Power

We believe that the people should govern—not corporations or the wealthy. The goal of our organizing is not permanent advocacy, but winning real governing power for working people so that their lives are improved in a material and lasting way. 

The path to long-term progressive governance requires not only that we deliver concrete policy reform, but that we do so in a way that articulates a broader vision, builds our base of activists and legislative champions, and breaks down the barriers between them. In states that enjoy more progressive legislatures, we are creating statewide strategies to align advocates and community and workers’ organizations alongside progressive policymakers to translate movement energy into a governing agenda. This approach, for example, includes the development of grassroots-driven platforms that help define a multi-issue, multi-year agenda for the public and policymakers—as well as joint strategy sessions between activists and policymakers committed to advancing these shared priorities. These same alliances also coordinate on messaging and narrative work to land the “story” of the impact of our wins in a way that both inoculates against repeal and motivates key constituencies to demand and work for more.  

Our commitment to building governing power extends to more conservative states in which the road to a people’s agenda is longer. In those places, our organizing aims to consolidate the power of aligned forces to act as a bloc against anti-worker, big business, racist, misogynist, and anti-democratic forces. We do this through a disciplined approach to alliance building, inside-outside work with legislative bodies, and a commitment to highlighting the stories and voices of the majority who share our values and stand to gain the most from the changes we seek.