About Us

Our Mission

Working Families Power engages in program incubation, coalition building, organizing, leadership development, advocacy, and public education on policies that advance economic fairness, racial justice, gender equity, climate sustainability, and a democracy which is responsive to the needs of the many—not the wealthy and powerful few. Our vision is a society rooted in equality, dignity, solidarity, and compassion. 

Our Record

Since launching in New York in 2006, Working Families Power has steadily grown in reach, capacity, and reputation into one of the country’s premier progressive issue advocacy forces. WFPower organizes powerful city and state level coalitions across the country and boasts a strong national infrastructure capable of absorbing, training, and mobilizing individual activists in any state. Our Federal Affairs team ensures that our state capacity is brought to bear on consequential congressional fights including democracy reform, climate, workers’ rights, and more. Our keen assessment of power dynamics has resulted in a track record of winning. We are known for picking the right fights at the right time and bringing competent campaign management, coalition building skills, an excellent communications game, and a best-in-class field operation to both issue and electoral fights.